HST Counseling


Frequently Asked Questions

Can counseling help me?

YES!  Counseling can be helpful for anyone who is dealing with life stressors.  Participating in counseling enables you to receive objective feedback and hear a different perspective about your situation.  Counseling can also help you learn different skills to manage difficult situations and/or difficult emotions.  It is important to remember that you get out of counseling what you put into it.  This means that in order to get the most benefit from counseling, you have to be willing to do some work.  This could be in the form of openly and honestly talking about your concerns, trying different strategies to manage your challenges, and being willing to listen to feedback.  Answering this question makes me think of the quote "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" because it highlights the need to do something different if you want change to occur.  You have to try something new if you want to see changes in your life.  That something different could be going to counseling, reading a self-help book, talking to a trusted friend to get feedback, etc..  

Why is your logo a dragonfly?  

Dragonflies symbolize change, transformation and adaptability in life.  This is what I find happens with clients in counseling as they deal with their past and present struggles.  When you see a dragonfly, let it remind you that you have the ability to change and transform your life now and in the future.

Do you accept insurance?  What are your fees?

This is an important question because you want to make sure that you can afford counseling services. 

I am able to accept several different types of insurance.  I update this list regularly as I am able to accept additional insurances.  

A few of the major insurances I accept are:

  • Aetna

  • ASR

  • BCBS

  • Blue Care Network

  • Medicare

  • Priority Health

  • Tri-Care

  • United HealthCare

If I do not have a contract with your insurance, I can see you as an out of network provider or you can choose to pay for your appointments out of pocket.  I ask that you pay for services at the time of your appointment.  If you have out of network insurance benefits, I can give you a superbill which includes the diagnosis, service provided and cost of services.  You would submit the superbill to your insurance to request reimbursement.  Your insurance may or may not reimburse you for the rendered services.  If you have any questions about what your insurance covers or whether or not you can see me, please call your insurance company to ask questions.

I offer a sliding fee scale to a maximum of 3 clients at a time. Financial need must be demonstrated to qualify for the sliding fee scale.

A breakdown of my fees for those who do not have insurance or qualify for a sliding fee is listed below:

  • $175 - initial intake assessment - 60 minutes

  • $150 - 53 minute therapy session

  • $175 - Substance use evaluation with letter for attorney or other entity

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